Announcement No. 3

Hey All!

As you are well aware, the world kind of went to shit a few months ago, and as I don’t have a home office, I was using a library computer on my day off to write. Since everything went into lockdown, I hadn’t been able to get out to write, and despite my best efforts, writing at home, where the computer is in a common room, proved extremely difficult. Fortunately, some restrictions are being eased in my State, and I’ve been able to get back to the library, so reviews will be starting up again as of today.

Thank you to everyone who’s stuck around (even if you just forgot about me).

-Kelly (a.k.a. That Girl)

Announcement No. 2

Hey all!

Sorry I up and vanished again, but a couple of weeks ago I was hospitalized for a few days after an emergency appendectomy, and then I was healing up at home.  I’m finally well enough that I can be hunched over a computer for a couple of hours writing, so reviews will be resuming starting today!  These next three reviews were actually written before I got sick (I literally started feeling unwell while writing them), but after that they’re post-illness.  Hope you all enjoy them!

Thanks much.

~Kelly (aka That Girl)