Monster Party


Directed By: Chris von Hoffmann
Starring: Sam Strike, Virginia Gardener, Brandon Micheal Hall, Kian Lawley, Erin Moriarty, Robin Tunney, Julian McMahon, Chester Rushing, Jamie Ward, Lance Reddick, et. al.
Rating: NR
Grade: B+

When a trio of low-level thieves decide to infiltrate a high-end party at a rich family’s home by posing as caterers, the last thing they expect is that the party is actually an annual meeting for recovering serial killers. However, when one of trio proves to be too tempting a target for one of the guests, all hell breaks loose. After the house is put into lockdown, the remaining two attempt to navigate household, and find they have no choice but to trust the daughter of the party’s hosts, who claims not to share in her family’s bloodlust. As time ticks by, the unlikely allies find they have no choice but to fight back if they want to make it out alive.

Sometimes all you need is a movie that gives you exactly what you expect of it, and perhaps a little bit more. This B-grade horror/thriller may not have any deep meaning or late-stage twists, but what it delivers is a refreshingly honest, original movie about the difficulties of overcoming addiction, no matter what that addiction may be. While most of the ‘monsters’ slip effortlessly back into their old ways, Robin Tunney’s Roxanne visibly struggles with temptation, and Lance Reddick’s Milo uses an iron-clad grip to keep his at bay. Erin Moriarty’s Alexis, the ‘sober’ family member displays the struggle of being the responsible family member who has no taste for the rest of the family’s drug of choice.

The blood effects used in the movie were decent, and the background filler isn’t really noticeable.

Parts of the movie tend to lean more towards drama than horror, but it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyable experience. I’m not quite sure what I initially expected when I watched the movie, but what I got was pleasantly good movie that anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of a bloodbath should enjoy. There are very few scenes with graphic gore, though a good portion of the movie is soaked in blood. The movie itself is enjoyable enough that you probably wouldn’t mind watching it more than once.

Monster Party is currently not available free to stream anywhere, but can be rented through Redbox or Netflix home delivery, or purchased at any participating store or on-line retailer.

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