Bad Samaritan


Directed By: Dean Devlin
Starring: David Tennant, Robert Sheehan, Kerry Condon, Carlito Olivero, Jacqueline Byers, Tracey Heggins, Rob Nagle, Lorraine Bahr,
Rating: R
Grade: C
Sean Falco, an amateur photographer supplementing his income by valeting cars and robbing some of the restaurant’s customers, loses control of his life when one of the houses he breaks into belongs to a sociopath who has a woman tied up one of the rooms.  As the man, Cale Erendreich, takes his revenge on Sean for compromising his illegal lifestyle, Sean races against time to clear his name and free the woman before she’s killed.  Enlisting the help of an FBI agent who believes that Erendreich may be a serial killer only she is certain exists, Sean does all he can to protect his loved ones and gather evidence that Erendreich is a killer.
This movie should have been better than it was.  The idea of a petty thief who accidentally crosses paths with serial killer and becomes a target gets points for originality, but unfortunately its potential isn’t fully realized.  Sean is portrayed as a loveable screwup with ‘standards’ (he won’t get a photojournalism job because that would be selling out) who is almost unbelievably dumb (leaving doors unlocked, etc.), meanwhile, Erendreich is almost supernaturally intelligent (he hacks into Sean’s computer files/social media/etc.) and quickly becomes an almost unbeatable foe who expertly turns Sean’s life upside down in only a few days.  Another thing that bothered me was the accent Tennant used.  While not outright bad, I’m more used to his natural and/or English accents from previous endeavors.
Most of the effects used are background filler and not noticeable.
While not entirely boring, this movie definitely could have been better than what it was.  Instead of giving real stakes and tension, they go more for cheap thrills and a breakneck pace that doesn’t allow for anything to really be processed before moving forward to the next ‘danger’.  As long as you don’t get your hopes up too high, you should have no issue with having watched this movie, though it may not be something that gets repeat viewings.
Bad Samaritan is free to stream through Hulu and Amazon Prime, and can be rented through Redbox or Netflix home delivery, or purchased at any participating store or on-line retailer.

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