Magnificent Seven


The Magnificent Seven

Directed By: Antoine Fuqua
Starring: Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, Byung-Hun Lee, Manuel Garcia-Ruflo, Martin Sensmeier, Hayley Bennett, Peter Sarsgaard, Luke Grimes, Matt Bomer, Jonathan Joss, Cam Gigandet, et. al.
Rated: PG-13
Grade: A-

In the late 1800s, the small town of Rose Creek is being overrun by a robber baron named Bartholomew Bogue, who runs a mining operation nearby. When a confrontation between Bogue and the townsfolk results in several deaths, newly created widow Emma Cullen and her companion Teddy Q seek out the help of Sam Chisolm to defend the town when Bogue returns with reinforcements to finish what he started. After agreeing to help, Chisolm recruits a local con man and gunfighter named Josh Faraday, using a horse Faraday lost in a bet as incentive. Chisolm then sends Faraday and Teddy to another town to recruit a man named Goodnight Robicheaux, who, along with a knife-wielding fighter named Billy Rocks, agrees to take the job after learning they’ll be paid. In search of more men to recruit, Chisolm and Emma come upon an outlaw named Vasquez squatting in the home of a dead man, and Chisolm offers him a chance to avoid punishment in exchange for joining him. After the two groups reunite, they seek out trader Jack Horne, who is recruited after killing the men who attempted to kill him. As they head back to Rose Creek, they are happened upon by lone Comanche Indian named Red Harvest, who joins their cause after Chisolm speaks with him. When they return to town, they fight off the men that Bogue left behind, and use the time until he returns to prepare the remaining townsfolk for the battle that awaits them.

This remake (of a remake) is one of the few that holds up when compared to the original. It’s also one of the few times that the modern leaning towards representative casting makes sense, as it would be probably incredibly likely to see a mixed bag of cultural and racial backgrounds amongst a group of mostly outlaws in the Old West. The actors all work well together, and everyone seemed to be having fun. The story itself is somewhat believable, with there being at least one documented instance of this type of things happening to small towns near mining ventures.

The effects seem to be mostly practically done, with the only CGI likely to be background filler, which isn’t noticeable.

This movie should appeal to anyone looking for a good action/drama or atypical western. The storyline is good, and you come genuinely to care about the characters. Some of the dialogue can get a bit cheesy and Chris Pratt is in typical form of not taking himself seriously, but other than that, it’s a solid movie that should appeal to most viewers.

The Magnificent Seven can be streamed free through Amazon Prime, and can also be rented through Redbox or Netflix home delivery service, as well as purchased through any participating store or online retailer.

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