Constantine City of Demons


Constantine: City of Demons

Directed By: Doug Murphy
Starring: Matt Ryan, Laura Bailey, Emily O’Brien, Damian O’Hare, Robin Atkin Downes, Rachel Kimsey, Jim Meskimen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Rick D. Wasserman, et. al.
Rated: R
Grade: A-

A decade after a tragic accident sent an innocent young girl to Hell, John Constantine is asked by his old friend, Chaz Chandler, to help save his daughter, Trish, from whatever dark force has put her into a mysterious coma. Tracing the demon responsible back to Los Angeles, Constantine travels there to try and strike a bargain with the beast to free Trish’s soul, but soon realizes he’s in over his head. Enlisting the help of both old friends and new, John does everything in his power to save Trish, even if it costs him nearly everything.

While this movie may or may not count as another official entry into DC’s Animated Universe, it still stands on par with the others that I’ve seen. Matt Ryan reprises his role of John Constantine, which he has played in several television series, as well as in the Justice League Dark movie, and he seems to still be fairly comfortable with the role. He also does a decent job with the voice work, as does everyone else involved. As I’ve stated before, it’s hard to tell chemistry through voice work, but the voices all seem to mesh well together.

The animation looks hand-drawn, though it was likely done by computer, and the color timing is well done.

Despite being cobbled together from digital shorts that originally aired on the CW Seed app, they managed to make a coherent, compelling, movie-length story. It fills in pieces of Constantine’s dark past for those who haven’t read the Hellblazer comics and shows how John became the antisocial antihero of the live-action series. While it may be a little bloody and violent for smaller children, fans of DC and DCAU movies should enjoy it.

Constantine: City of Demons can be streamed as digital shorts through CW Seed, and it can be rented as a feature-length movie from Redbox or Netflix home delivery service, or purchased from a participating store or on-line retailer.

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