Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Jimmi Simpson, Ben Barnes, Luke Hemsworth, Angela Sarafyan, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, et.al.
Rated: TV-MA
Network: HBO
Grade: A+

Westworld is a continuation/update of the 1973 movie written and directed by Michael Crichton.  The show follows the daily routines of robotic “hosts” Dolores, Teddy, Maeve, and Clementine as they serve the parks guests, as well as the behind-the-scenes technicians Bernard, Angela, Stubbs, and Dr. Ford, and a few of the park’s guests, William, Logan, and the sadistic Man in Black.  Throughout the first season, we see the robots slowly evolving their programming as the various technicians try to figure out what’s going wrong with the park’s attractions, as well as dealing with the implementing of a new story narrative being introduced.  The Man in Black sets off on a quest to find what he calls The Maze, and William and Logan set out on an adventure in advance of William’s wedding to Logan’s sister.

This show is delicately woven and almost mesmerizingly told.  The various stories are almost seamlessly put together, with the final reveal of some of the plot twists coming almost naturally.  As several of Westworld’s robotic hosts, or characters, begin to show glitches in programming stemming from a recent software update, the park’s technicians begin to wonder if the error is really an error, or part of something else.  In the meantime, hosts Dolores, Teddy, and Maeve, as well as several others, begin to evolve, becoming more violent and self-aware.  At the same time, the Man in Black has set off on a quest to find The Maze, which he believes will offer a more realistic genuine experience in the park as friends William and Logan attempt to have an adventure before William is to marry Logan’s sister, which ends up revealing more about William’s character than he thought was there.

The acting is terrific.  The actors who play the hosts give it just enough to seem slightly off at one moment, and completely human in the next.  There’s very little scenery chewing, and most of it’s done  Most of the actors get to use their natural accents, from what I can tell, with the only exceptions being Ben Barnes and Luke Hemsworth, who use flawless American accents, and Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden, whose Southern accents slip occasionally, which can always be explained away by the fact that they play robots.

The show is filmed in Utah, as well as various other sets used in Westerns, which offers beautiful scenery.  We don’t get to see the “real world” outside the park’s offices.  The closest we get is a small, resort-like complex that seems to be mostly used by employees and visiting executives.

I highly recommend this series.  The show is, for the most part, a sci-fi/western hybrid, and it has an appeal for fans of either, or both, genres.  It can be a little violent at times, but there’s nothing too graphic, with most of the harsh violence being against the non-human characters.

Like all HBO shows, this can only be streamed from the HBO website, which requires subscription, or through an inclusive package, or with an iTunes or Amazon Prime Season Pass.  You can also rent the first season through Netflix home delivery service.

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