Midnight Crossroad


Midnight Crossroad

Written By: Charlaine Harris
Published: May 2014
Grade: B+

Inspired by my enjoyment of the Midnight, Texas television show, I dug this book out from the depths of my to-reads and sat down with it.  The plot line of the book is similar to the first half arc of the show, with Manfred moving to Midnight (though for reasons different than the show), and the mystery surrounding the death of a local woman.

I’m really only familiar with Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse books, which I enjoyed.  These books take place in a similarly supernaturally-inclined world, and a little research tells me that some of the characters have crossed paths with ones in her other series, making all of her book series fundamentally connected.

Seeing as how this is the first book in a series, some of the character personalities are left a little wanting.  We learn about Manfred, an internet psychic with a touch of the real deal.  Fiji, a Wiccan running a New Age shop, who’s also genuine witch.  Lemuel, who takes the night shift at the local pawn shop, a centuries-old vampire who’s slightly different than Harris’ typical vampires.  And Bobo, who owns the pawn shop and runs it during the day, and is one of Midnight’s few truly human residents.  Other characters are touched on, but not developed much, which leaves room for future installments.

As stated before, the plot follows the first arc of the show, mainly dealing with the death of Aubrey, Bobo’s girlfriend who had disappeared several months before the events of the book.  It’s not a disappointing mystery to follow, since there are other tertiary characters in the book that weren’t used in the series who help flesh out the story.  Despite knowing who the killer was from the show, I was still interested in where the story went and how it panned out.
I would definitely recommend this book if you like Harris’ other works, or if you’re into Urban Fantasy.  It doesn’t focus too heavily on the supernatural stuff, so those who like a decent murder mystery might find it interesting as well.

Check your local library or bookstore for availability, or purchase through any on-line book retailer.

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