The Ship of the Dead


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead

Written By: Rick Riordan
Published: October 2017
Grade: A

In the third and final book of Riordan’s Magnus Chase series, Magnus and his hallmates set out to find Loki and stop Ragnarok from occurring in the immediate future.

Personally, I like Riordan’s demigod books, this one being no exception.  His unique style of writing for children makes it so that you almost don’t realize you’re learning about the various mythologies his stories are styled around, which makes them interesting, funny, and informative.

Magnus is a likeable, sympathetic hero, and some of his friends are finally fully formed and are no longer relegated to window dressing.  We get more insight into Halfborn Gunderson, Mallory Keen, and Thomas Jefferson Jr., which includes why and how they died, and what Loki had to do with it.  The previous two books already explored why Alex Fierros and Samirah Al-Abbas were, respectively, an einherjer and a Valkyrie.

About the only disappointing thing about this book is that it’s the last one in this particular series.  I’d love it if Riordan somehow managed to combine all of his book series into one giant story, with a central conspiracy about the end of the world (a common theme in all of Riordan’s books).

This book should be available at your local library.

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